2015 Update

So, new year, new… okay, not new me. But at least, new efforts to get healthier emotionally. As most of you may remember, last time I posted I was in the midst of possibly the worst depression I’ve ever had. It took a toll on my physical health and my academics, but luckily, thanks to some EXTREMELY understanding professors, I was able to recover my grade in at least most of my classes. Going into the new semester, I finally got a counsellor at Student Accessibility Services at my University, and have been working with her doing CBT (that’s cognitive behavioural therapy) in order to try and address and reprogram a lot of the self-negative anxiety and depression-producing thought patterns I get caught in.

I’ve also been trying to improve my sleep quality through better sleep hygiene (not doing anything in bed besides sleeping, no naps, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, etc). I’ve also been making use of a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) light in the early mornings, since I like to get up early and work before the sun comes up. Apparently I’m Kryptonian, because the ability to charge my batteries with the light 0f a yellow sun for 30-45 minutes in the morning makes a huge difference. I’ll be joining my first support group(s) ever this next week, which is a little weird, but I’m more nervous about having the time and energy to do those as well as keeping up with all of my classes and side projects.

Speaking of side projects, I’ve got quite a bit on the move now, and hopefully it will lead to some positive change on a number of fronts. I finally heard back from my local comic book shop (which happens to be the Eisner award-winning The Dragon in Guelph, ON) about producing a revival of their podcast through the website I run. We’re looking at a tentative starting date of the February 6-8th weekend, so that’s exciting and I look forward to seeing how that materializes. I’m also back in the editing business, working on the Let’s Plays I do with The Rogues’ Gallery. Started recording on my desktop, and now just getting the hang of Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Seems like a long road to go, but it feels good to be learning something NEW again.

Anyways, that’s about the long and short of it. I just thought I’d check in to make sure you all knew I wasn’t dead, at least as of this post. Cheers and new years to all of you, and hopefully I’ll see you there.

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