Hi, I’m Vince. I’m an aspiring screenwriter, health and fitness lover, and current psychology/philosophy student in Guelph, ON. I’m a huge geek, in love with comic books, movies, TV, books, and learning about creative process and industries. I also happen to be gloriously messed up in the head; and such this blog is my personal journal of the day-to-day of being locked inside my head with myself.

It’s not ALL doom and gloom though. Topics range anywhere from the darker stuff (shame and secrets, anxieties, current emotional troubles), to health/fitness/diet tips, recipes, discussions on any of the things I find interesting, and ongoing projects. I should put out there that though I’d love for this blog to have something useful, empathetic, or entertaining for anyone who reads it, it IS my personal thought journal first and foremost. As such, I thank everyone for the discretion and respect writings of such an intimate nature demand.

Hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂

If you’re interested, I also run a website where I host a podcast, edit, and contribute written content over at http://www.roguescast.com. If you’re a fan of any of the geeky hobbies listed in the first paragraph, or comedically-oriented discussion in general, it might be worth your while to hop on over and check us out.


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